Mary Tolan

Tolan heads Accenture's $2 billion, 9,000-person outsourcing unit.

Managing Partner


Elevator Pitch Tolan heads Accentures $2 billion, 9,000-person outsourcing unit. She preaches a gospel of creative and hard thinking to get the best value out of a clients business. She is convincing CEOs to embrace Accentures "transformational outsourcing" strategy.

A.K.A. An "unabashed capitalist in search of shareholder value."

Top Challenge "Energizing my people to pursue the most innovative options in the marketplace."

Worst Career Move "Ive been awfully lucky."

Last Book Read Rereading "Quest for Value" by Bennet Stuart

Top Priority "Family. In my business life, title isnt important to me, money isnt important to me, but if someone looked at my career and said, She was a happy, confident capitalist, Id be very happy."