McAfee Takes Security Message on the Road

McAfee is ready to embark on a 75-stop world tour to tout its "Security in 15 Minutes a Day" message, aimed at small to medium-size businesses.

Security giant McAfee is planning to run more than 75 sessions around the world to educate small to medium-size business IT security teams on the security threats they face. The program is part of McAfee's "Security in 15 Minutes a Day" message that it is taking on the road, and it will include workshops to help provide guidance on the practices SMBs should put in place to become safer and more secure.
As part of the company's midmarket strategy, McAfee, based in Santa Clara, Calif., has provided a security best practices approach marketed as "Security in 15 Minutes a Day." This methodology provides guidance to SMBs on how to become safer and more secure within the limited time they have to devote to security management.
"We are proud of the progress we've made in the midmarket, and now want to focus on raising the awareness of the security threats targeting midmarket companies," said McAfee's senior vice president of the midmarket segment, Darrell Rodenbaugh. "As the leader in security, we consider it our responsibility to provide a way for our customers to go home at night, confident that their information assets are safer and more secure."
Last quarter, the company introduced two new suites for the midmarket: McAfee Total Protection for the Secure Business and Total Protection for the Endpoint Essential. McAfee said the Total Protection for Secure Business offering provides the broadest protection and easiest implementation of any product in the security market, from the endpoint to data protection to the gateway.
These additions have already captured close to 1,000 new customers, according to the company. "We've made the methodology freely available to promote a more secure computing environment for the SMB customer that is challenged with keeping up with the threats they face," said Rodenbaugh.
Becky Ramey, senior product consultant for Broughton International, a license and asset management firm based in Cincinnati, said she is impressed by McAfee's focus on the SMB customers' security needs. "We're also excited about McAfee's 'Security in 15 Minutes' methodology, and we intend to adopt that approach with our customers to help them be more safe and secure," she said.

McAfee provides a PDF file on its Web site that outlines a few of the concepts included in the methodology. For instance, McAfee recommends monitoring prevalent threats such as multivector malware, and says the "15 Minutes" program can help IT staffs set prevention policies and monitor policy compliance across security platforms.