Microsoft Asks: Is SOA Myth or Money?

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Microsoft Asks: Is SOA Myth or Money?

by Darryl Taftslides courtesy of Microsoft

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Debunking the SOA Myths

Microsoft's Steven Martin sets out to debunk some of the more common myths about SOA (service-oriented architecture).

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The Myths of SOA Evolve

Like Bigfoot, unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster and Al Gore inventing the Internet, some SOA myths have taken on a life of their own.

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Myth: SOA Stops at the Firewall

Some believe the proper way to implement SOA is to ensure that it stops at the enterprise firewall.

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Truth: SOA Does Not Stop at the Firewall

The truth is that SOA begins at the firewall.

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Myth: SOA Aligns Business and IT

Some practitioners erroneously believe SOA aligns business with IT.

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People Align Business with IT

SOA sets the bottom-line architecture for change, but it is the IT staff and business staff who align business with IT.

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Myth: SOA Governance Fixes Everything

Despite adding much-needed management and organization to SOA implementations, governance should not be limited to SOA, but should extend to the entire IT organization.

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Myth: SOA Will Teach Your Kids How to Read


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The Truth About SOA

SOA originated from Web services, which Microsoft and IBM pioneered together. However, Microsoft is staking its claim on taking SOA to the masses.

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Starting Out with SOA...

Microsoft recommends that enterprises start small, find success and grow with SOA.

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