Microsoft, Team to Help Job Seekers

Microsoft and highlight Microsoft's Express tools as a means to attaining jobs in the Web and application development areas.

Microsoft and have joined forces to help people find work in the Web and application development areas.

The two companies are collaborating to help job seekers who are looking to get jobs in Web and application development or change careers by providing tools and resources to learn programming skills. Microsoft will provide visitors to with access to the software makers Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express editions, in addition to other career development resources from Microsoft Learning. For its part, will offer service discounts to Visual Studio Express users, the companies said.

Microsofts Express lines of products consist of easy-to-learn, entry-level tools targeted at beginners and hobbyist developers, the company said. The company will provide access to its two primary Express tools, Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express Edition, directly from CareerBuilder.coms Web site.

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Also, will provide discounts to Visual Studio users on things like résumé upgrades, and résumé distribution and background check services. Moreover, the Microsoft Learning resources Microsoft will provide include portions of e-books, e-learning content and vouchers for discounted exams, the company said. officials said demand for Web and Windows application developers continues to grow. For instance, over the last year said it experienced a 30 percent rise in the number of posted jobs that call for Microsoft .Net Framework-based development.

"Over the past few years, weve seen a significant spike in both the amount of IT-related job searches and postings," said Brent Rasmussen, chief operating officer for, in a statement. "By providing these job seekers with access to Microsofts entry-level application development tool, were opening the door to new career opportunities in application development and giving them the resources to find a job."

Moreover, "approximately 60 percent of Visual Studio Express users are new to .Net development," said Steve Guggenheimer, general manager of application platform and development marketing at Microsoft, in a statement. "By joining with, Microsoft is taking another step toward bringing the power of programming to new and existing developers who are looking to realize their potential and find a challenging and fulfilling career in application development. Although Visual Studio Express is a great choice for hobbyist and recreational programmers, its also a natural starting point for people who want to make a career out of developing .Net-based applications for Windows, the Web and devices."

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