New Tools Simplify Development of Flash

With release of a new authoring software and Web page content tool, two companies aim to give graphic artists more expedient ways to add some Flash.

This week saw the release of two Flash tools focused on giving Web editors and designers easier and more economical alternatives to create and generate Flash for their Web pages.

Tivity Software LLC, a Birmingham, Ala.-based Web applications company, announced the release of Xtivity, a new Macromedia Flash (SWF) authoring application which gives less experienced developers and Web designers a quick way to add Flash to their Web sites.

John Barnes, Senior Technical Writer and Tivity Software spokesperson, said Xtivity enables users to create interactive media experiences visually as opposed to dealing with the coding involved in creating projects in Flash.

"In Xtivity, all of the back-end work is done for you, allowing you to focus on the design and interactivity of the project instead of the coding to make it work," Barnes said.

"The tool gives users who have the creative aptitude but not the Flash experience a way to present their work in ways they could not before."

Xtivity provides users a visual layout environment where they can create and define Flash for content for their site. Using the layout style environment, users draw boxes, place content in the boxes, add actions to the boxes, and define what triggers the actions to start and stop, according to the release.

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