Office Depot Expands Selection of Health, Fitness Devices

The new line of digital fitness products is designed for customers who want to live a healthier lifestyle, track and achieve fitness goals.

Office supplies and services provider Office Depot announced it is expanding its technology product offerings to include health and fitness devices designed to give business professionals additional ways to stay healthy.

For instance, the company’s online and retail stores will start offering Rhythm by Scosche ($79.99), a Bluetooth armband heart rate monitor that is app-powered and attaches to the user’s forearm to track heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, pace and more.

The Striiv Play Pedometer ($59.99) is a discreet activity tracker that makes fitness feel like play. The device tracks activity including stairs and steps as well as distance, calories and more. The company’s Smart Pedometer, which sells for $99.99, uses an activity motivation system that learns the user’s behaviors and designs personalized challenges tailored to personal activity levels to help the user reach fitness goals even on busy days.

"New technology innovation in the digital fitness space is allowing people to seamlessly blend work and health," Tom Lee, vice president of merchandising and new product acquisition for Office Depot, said in a statement. "Our expansion into this area is part of the company’s growing assortment of wireless technology gadgets that allow professionals to remain productive wherever they go. Offering customers easy access to products to help enhance and impact their lives in all realms is an obvious move for our brand."

Office Depot is also offering three performance-based, health-tracking devices from Sync, including Burn and Fit ($79.99-$99.99): fitness bands, which capture truer calorie burn by combining heart rate measurement and intensity of movement.

In addition to knowing how many calories the user burns 24 hours a day, the fitness bands also capture steps taken and distance traveled to help give a comprehensive view of daily movements.

Retailing from $59.99-$79.99, Sync’s GPS-enabled watches and Heart Rate Straps are performance products suited for those individuals looking to accurately monitor and track their workouts. The devices tap into the capabilities of the user’s smartphone to provide optimized fitness routines and smarter training.

Finally, the Elite fitness band, which sells for $39.99, is an activity tracker that captures all-day motion data by tracking core metrics such as distance, steps, speed and calculating calories burned to provide a detailed snapshot of daily motion.

The new line of digital fitness products is designed for customers who want to live a healthier lifestyle, track and achieve fitness goals and, ultimately, be more health-conscious whether at home, the office or on the road, a company release said.