Omniture Releases Application for Facebook

Omniture has released a new application that allows its customers to measure how a business's Facebook application is affecting its overall online traffic. As social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter gain widespread popularity, the enterprise has become increasingly interested in applications from companies such as Omniture and that allow those sites' traffic to be monitored and leveraged for revenue.

Omniture announced on May 28 a new application for Omniture SiteCatalyst that lets users measure the impact of their business's Facebook applications on overall online traffic.

The application, called App Measurement for Facebook, deploys analytics that lets those users measure the correlation between a Facebook application, their main site, and channels such as mobile and video.
"It allows customers to better understand and measure and monetize these channels affecting their business and traffic to their Websites," Matt Langie, senior director of product marketing for Omniture, said in an interview. "For example, if a retailer is creating a Facebook application for the best deals they're offering that week, they can use this application to see how much traffic is coming due to Facebook as opposed to, say, an e-mail campaign."
The application enables a granular exploration of how potential customers interact with a Facebook application and associated sites, ultimately allowing for measurement of how much Facebook affects online traffic in comparison to other potential avenues.
"Our customers need to understand how social networking can impact their business," Langie said. "Word of mouth is spreading more virally these days through Facebook or Twitter."
Omniture, which creates business optimization software, recently released a new version of Omniture SiteCatalyst that allows users to measure the spread of viral video across video-sharing sites such as YouTube. It joins other companies, including and Amazon, in expanding their applications for monitoring Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other sites to determine how new products or services are being absorbed by the public.

In February 2009, Omniture released the Omniture Online Marketing Suite, designed to allow sales teams to more efficiently interact with customers. The suite, built on technology from several acquisitions, features programs such as Visitor Acquisition Applications, meant to streamline customer acquisition, and Conversion Applications, which allows marketers to test key messages.