Opera Browser Builds Web Links

Review: While not as innovative as some past Opera releases, the Opera 9.5 beta does have some interesting new capabilities.

The Opera Web browser has the reputation of being one of the most innovative applications in the Web space, often being first to introduce many of the features that later find their way into more well know browsers such as those from Microsoft and Mozilla. In my experience this has definitely been the case with most of the major Opera releases that I have tested over the years.

But what about their smaller point releases? Do they follow through when it comes to innovation?

For the last few days Ive been testing out the beta of the recently released Opera 9.5. And for now I have to say that no, it isnt as innovative as some of the past major Opera releases. But for a point release it does have some very interesting new capabilities.

One of my favorites is a new history search. Directly from the browser address bar I could type any words and Opera would begin performing full text searches through pages that I had visited. This proved to be very helpful, especially during long browsing sessions when I couldnt remember which page I had visited earlier that had the information on a specific topic.

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