Opera Web Browser 6.1 for Linux Debuts

The Opera Web browser is now available on eight different operating systems.

Opera Software ASA on Thursday released its Web browser product, Opera 6.1 for Linux, for Intel and PowerPC users, as well as a new port to the FreeBSD Unix operating system.

The Opera Web browser is now available on eight different operating systems.

The PowerPC version is the first released on this platform since the Opera 5 for Linux beta in May 2001. Norwegian-based Opera ASA officials said there have been more than 1.5 million downloads and installs of its Linux Web browser technology over the past 18 months.

This version contains several bug fixes as well as improved font support, especially for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Other enhancements include Java support without using a plug-in, improved plug-in management and error handling, better bookmark handling and improved skin support.

All desktop versions of the Opera Web browser are available as free downloads, but advertising-free versions can be bought at a special campaign price of $29, which comes with a free upgrade to version 7 when it is released, access to personal support via e-mail, as well as to Operas premium Webmail service, Operamail Premium, for 6 months from the time Opera 7 is downloaded.

"The match between FreeBSD and Opera should strike a cord with many enterprise customers. Im also happy to welcome FreeBSD users into the Opera family. FreeBSD is strictly not only an operating system, but also a community and a philosophy with values I know resonate well with our own," Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner said in a statement.