OpsRamp: Product Overview and Insight

OpsRamp is a cloud-based IT operations management platform that brings together on-premises and cloud infrastructure through discovery, monitoring, escalation management and automation.


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Today: OpsRamp (IT operations management)

Company description:  OpsRamp is a cloud-based IT operations management platform that brings together on-premises and cloud infrastructure through discovery, monitoring, escalation management and automation. Founded in 2014 by Varma Kunaparaju, the privately held company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.

Markets:  IT operations management, cloud management, IT management, infrastructure management, infrastructure monitoring, AIops, automation

International Operations: San Jose, Calif.; Hyderabad, India; Bhimavaram, India

Product and Services:  The OpsRamp Platform combines infrastructure monitoring, event management, AIOps, remote consoles and audit, configuration management and automation into one platform for total visibility and control of hybrid environments.

Key Features:

Service Availability and Performance: End-to-end visibility into hybrid IT health and performance

Event and Service Level Management:  Proactively troubleshoot alerts before they become incidents

Configuration Management:  Consolidate infrastructure configurations and patch management processes

Automation:  Automate routine work according to schedule, audit or compliance policies

Remote Access and Audit:  Control and remediation at the device level without leaving your office

Insight and Analysis:  From professionals on Gartner Peer Insights:

Overall Comment (four stars, from July 13, 2018): "The OpsRamp interface needs some tweaking and usability improvements, but the functionality offered up is well thought through and effective. The session auditing and replay are very well done and show the value add provided in comparison to other third party session management brokers. Documentation has shown improvement and there is obviously an investment in that area. I have already recommended OpsRamp to several other vendors."

Overall Comment (four stars, from July 11, 2018): "Graphical representation of entire IT infrastructure into a single pane of glass really worked well with our customers. One other feature which we use the most is automation of alerts and self healing capabilities of incidents."

Overall Comment (two stars, from July 2017): “Navigation is clunky, load time is slow, and not built to allow for agile development. The mobile app doesn't work at all. The service maps are archaic. The event correlation is a manual process and very time consuming. It does a good job of monitoring for network gear and URLs, but everything else is lacking.”

Overall Comment (five stars, from May 2018): "The Vistara organization and their platform has been a breath of fresh air. Most monitoring and management platforms require a heavy on-site design and implementation phase. With Vistara's Cloud Platform, and simple agent based system, we were able to very rapidly deploy the solution and start realizing its benefits. In addition, the in system documentation is actually useful! The people at Vistara are extremely knowledgeable about their product, helpful and able to provide assistance at a moments notice. We have had access to product managers, engineering and support organizations in a fraction of the time it would have taken other organizations."

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List of current customers: Epsilon, 2nd Watch, NTT Data, Dolby, Global Payments, Wolters Kluwer, CloudBrix, Caxton

Delivery: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Pricing: Subscription based pricing according to resource count under management.

Other key players in this market: 


Big Panda






Contact information for potential customers: 

1-833-OPS-RAMP   (1-833-677-7267)




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