Oracle Adds PeopleSoft Supply Chain Integration to APS Suite

The updates to Oracle's Advanced Planning and Scheduling software seek to better address manufacturers by allowing users to model their extended supply chain using "what if" scenarios.

Moving forward with its technology integration of PeopleSoft Inc., a company it acquired earlier this year, Oracle Corp. announced Tuesday upgrades to its namesake Advanced Planning and Scheduling software, compliments of PeopleSofts supply chain software.

By combining functionality from Oracle APS and the PeopleSoft modules, Oracle is able to better address manufacturers—particularly in the process and discreet environments where PeopleSoft was strong—with capabilities for scheduling and modeling "what if" scenarios.

By adding PeopleSofts Strategic Network Optimization module to Oracle APS, users are better able to model their extended supply chain using various scenarios—sourcing materials from an offshore supplier, for example—to determine the outcome of an event before implementing it.

The addition of PeopleSofts Production Scheduling into Oracle APS adds the capability for users to create shop floor schedules.

The scheduling feature, which includes sequencing capabilities, lets users design some fairly intricate schedules that include such variables as machines, tools, crews and materials handling.

The separate products from both Oracle and PeopleSoft are available now as stand-alone modules, with a planned integration sometime in 2006.


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