Oracle Updates SOA Suite 11g

Oracle releases a new version of its service bus technology, Oracle Service Bus 11g, which is a key component of Oracle SOA Suite 11g. The technology also is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family.

Oracle has released a new version of its service bus technology, Oracle Service Bus 11g, a key component of Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

Oracle Service Bus 11g is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware product family. It is designed to enable developers to transform "complex and brittle application architectures into flexible application networks that are easily and rapidly modified," Oracle said in a news release July 19. The product manages this by "mediating and managing services and applications in a consistent, standards-based methodology."

"As customers expand their service infrastructure to include more disparate services from clouds and other external sources, the need for high service availability and performance dramatically increases," David Shaffer, vice president of product management for Oracle Fusion Middleware, said in a statement. "The new features in Oracle Service Bus 11g eliminate performance bottlenecks and ensure high service availability so customers can dramatically improve the performance and scalability of their SOA [service-oriented architecture] investments."

Moreover, "Oracle Service Bus 11g introduces new capabilities, such as Service Result Cache and Automated Lifecycle Service Governance, as well as improved performance and availability for organizations using enterprise data centers, as well as virtual private cloud environments," the company said.

Oracle officials also said, with the new Service Result Cache, "Oracle Service Bus 11g delivers a unique approach to eliminating latency times associated with frequent access of static back-end data with an easy-to-use, single-click enablement of service result caching. It achieves this by directly embedding and integrating with Oracle Coherence, the industry's leading in-memory data grid."

In addition, Automated Lifecycle Service Governance acts "in contrast to traditional ESBs [Enterprise Service Buses], which treat service governance as an afterthought and depend upon manual management using a disparate set of governance tools," Oracle said in the release. "Oracle Service Bus 11g automatically synchronizes service governance with the Enterprise Repository throughout the entire service life cycle, from design through development, deployment and runtime. This new level of integration between the ESB and governance greatly reduces errors and improves time to market."

Also, Oracle officials said, "Oracle Service Bus 11g is designed to enable customers to easily integrate and bridge the divide between enterprise data centers and public cloud infrastructures."

"It used to take three to four weeks to onboard telemarketing partners, but with Oracle Service Bus, we have shrunk this time frame down to a matter of days," Siddharth Jain, senior director of engineering at Product Partners, an Oracle enterprise customer, said in a statement. "Oracle Service Bus provides great flexibility and cost savings."