Pink Slip-Proofing Your IT Career

Jumping at the chance to take on new projects and learn new skills is one of many ways to ward off a potential layoff in this dire economy. 

When Marvin Goldstein landed his current job as a program manager at the Library of Congress a few months ago, he couldn't have been happier. It was exactly what he was looking for-a challenging environment where he could use his existing skills and learn new ones.

But it took him seven months to find that job-seven months during which he was unemployed. He was laid off, along with several others, from his job as director of technology research and analysis at Arlington, Va., firm ESI International, a training company with about 300 employees.

Goldstein's experience is far from unusual. According to a report released in March by Goldman Sachs, IT cost-cutting is on the rise, with cuts to internal staffing ranking in the top five targets.

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