Planning a Future-Proofed Data Center

INFOGRAPHIC: Enterprises need to invest in new technologies to keep up with the rapid evolution of data centers. This infographic highlights the steps to take to build a future-proofed data center.

Today's data center is rapidly evolving from being perceived as a cost center to being expected to add value to the organization. For this to occur, investment in new technologies to modernize the data center is essential. Enterprises believe that modernization will enhance security and improve availability, resource usage, IT staff efficiency and more.

Virtualization, both server and storage, is a currently a key driver in reaching this goal. Other technologies being deployed are energy-efficient hardware, converged infrastructure and cloud as a delivery model.

But enterprises are also looking at long-term changes. Data center evolution means transformation, and the data center that IT decision makers are planning to be deploying three years from now is different from the one in place today.

This infographic illustrates where businesses are investing to build this data center. It highlights what steps enterprises are taking to build a future-proof data center and which technologies they plan to prioritize over the next few years.

B2B Data Center Infographic