QuestaWeb TradeMasterQW 4.0 Juggles Trade Regs

Changes to trade regulations, like the recent restrictions on trade with Iran or certain Chinese manufacturers, are recognized in real time in QuestaWeb's latest import/export rollout.

QuestaWeb announced Oct. 29 the release of TradeMasterQW 4.0, the latest iteration of the companys Web-based, integrated trade and logistics management software that aims to unify dozens of import/export activities and reports.

TradeMasterQW unifies import, export, logistics, compliance and financial processes that include U.S. Customs clearance, landed costs, Harmonized Tariff Schedule classifications, export licensing, denied party screening, quota management, product catalog, tracking, event management and international document repository, according to QuestaWeb.

TradeMasterQW 4.0, like QuestaWeb overall, is Web-based and responsive to changes in the landscape of global supply chain regulations, the company said.

In order to allow its 60 current customers to roll with ever-changing global trade regulations that dictate tariffs, taxes and more recently, restrict trade with certain nations, groups or even specific manufacturers, the software must be extremely flexible and able to immediately reflect changes in global trade laws, QuestaWeb said.


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"If customs changes the tariffs or the codes and you have 100,000 products [en route] and theres a tariff change, what do you do?" said Wayne Slossberg, vice president of sales for QuestaWeb, in Westfield, N.J. "Our product handles all that, and updates are immediate."

TradeMasterQW 4.0 is available now and all current customers will be upgraded to the new version without additional charge, the company said.

The upgrade also leverages Microsofts .Net 2.0 Framework, which adds faster caching capabilities, enhanced security and encryption, and new globalization features that facilitate application development for foreign languages and cultures, the company said.

TradeMasterQW 4.0 is compatible with both Oracle 10g and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Slossberg said, so customers can use whichever best fits their current platform.


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