Readers Respond: Building the Perfect IT Person

Readers respond to the eWEEK article, "Building the Perfect IT Person."

I read Deborah Rothbergs article on the "perfect IT person" with great interest ["Building the Perfect IT Person" or "The Designer IT Guy," Aug. 14].

I teach IT management, and many of the points Rothberg raised are central to my course. It is, however, interesting to me that the CIOs contacted did not indicate the importance of "politicking," choosing instead the classic euphemisms of MBWA (management by walking around) and "communication."

Dr. Ken Myers
Core Professor of Business
Administration & ITM
Touro University
Cypress, Calif.

One of the final lines in the story was very telling: "The life cycle of a technical solution is about 18 months on average." Any IT professional is going to have to adapt constantly to the technological challenges while becoming more and more business-savvy. When does the IT professional do all of this? IT staff are busy keeping the network up or responding to the need for new custom applications.

Russel Loski