Readers Respond: Does Outsourcing Create a Social Obligation?

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "A Social Obligation."

Certainly, taking care of our own is very important, but I do believe that private initiatives are more effective than governmental ones (Stan Gibsons Outsourcing & Services, "A Social Obligation," July 18).

There is no need to raise taxes or roll back those levied on the so-called "rich." If Bill Clinton [who spoke to these issues at the fifth annual Information Privacy Forum,] feels strongly about this issue and is willing to pay, he is more than welcome to do so out of his own pocket.

There is no prohibition against people privately funding initiatives. There is a certain amount of hypocrisy when rich politicians insist on putting their hands in our pockets for everything.

Less is more, especially in governmental circles.

Mitch Slater

As a former displaced worker, Id like to share my experience with you.

While meeting at the unemployment office with other IT professionals in a similar condition, I found out about a federal tuition plan called WIA [Workforce Investment Act] that would allow me to bring my programming skills to a higher level. … I think training is a great thing, but, to work, any federal tuition plan needs to go beyond paying for tuition and offer incentives to companies to recruit newly trained displaced workers.

Pedro A. Galvez