Readers Respond: The Knowledge Trek

Readers respond to the eWEEK editorial, "The Knowledge 'Trek.'"

I agree with Peter Coffees philosophy that "fixing problems" needs to become a routine, managed process, rather than a crisis event (Peter Coffees Epicenters, "The Knowledge Trek," Aug. 8).

But ... its not always that easy. What do you roll back when an application is failing for one set of users or performing badly on one server?

How can you roll back software that passed QA but is failing in production, yet is critical to some business objective? I wouldnt want to be the person telling the line-of-business vice president that its "OK" because we were able to roll back the release that underpins his new business product or service but that we have no idea what caused the problem.

Lori D. Wizdo
Vice President, Marketing
Identify Software
New York