Readers Respond: Training Your Way to the Top

I enjoyed your article on the training of CIOs. I also disagree with Gerard Begley, who states that the best IT managers "have good personal attributes, like a high energy level. Theyre good with people, they listen well, see the big picture and arent afraid to make decisions. IQ & EQ will always mean more." Gerard is overlooking the fact that IT managers are usually technicians as well. They already [have] the technical skills before becoming managers.

What most CIOs lack is vision. They tend to stay at the maintenance level. Today the buzz word is security, so all IT departments focus on that. A couple years ago, it was Internet presence, so IT departments focused on that. What is lacking is an integrated vision with the rest of the company. Somehow the topic needs to be addressed. All we do here is process data, fix computers, renew our maintenance contracts and buy equipment when we have to. A rather mindless exercise that never ends.

Now, if the IT world was integrated into the corporate world, then we would see an end to such practices. Three- and five-year forecasts begin to dominate everyones thinking, and a common vision begins to take shape. No longer is the CIO merely a cost saver/justifier but an integral part of the equation. Now the business plan integrates technology, [rather than merely tolerating it]. And the CIO begins addressing the corporatewide use of people and machines to meet future expectations instead of using technology to merely keep the users out of trouble.

If such a practice could be implemented as a result of this training, then it behooves all CIOs to sign up.

Jason McMahon
Dolgeville, NY

Interesting, but...

- The CIO certification programs you referenced sounded more like a flash in the pan and a business investment opportunity (from the training provider) to jump on the bandwagon. Maybe because there was not sufficiant detail to pull me in.

- I have a CIO certificate and the rigors of the program I participated in at least appear to be more stringent.

- Here are a couple of URLs for you to look at for "Part II" in your series.

- The Information Resources Management College (IRMC), part of National Defense University (NDU). The CIO Certificate Program can be found under Academic Programs, along with several other programs they offer.

- The Federal CIO Council. Click on LINKS, Workforce—CIO University, NDU IRMC.

- Or, you can go to here.

Dennis Wells