RF Technologies Offers Code Alert CA630 Fall Management Device

Calls for assistance are routed to a mobile phone, pager or LED display with the resident's location for immediate notification and a faster response.

RF Technologies, a specialist in radio frequency identification (RFID) health-care safety and security solutions, announced the launch of a resident safety solution that combines fall management and wireless nurse call for added safety and simplified care.

The Code Alert CA630 Wireless Fall Management Solution includes an auto-on feature, which starts monitoring when a resident is positioned on a bed or chair pad. To ensure residents are protected, a built-in tamper alert will sound if the pad or call cord become disconnected from the alarm unit.

No-slip bed or chair sensor pads, in addition to the nurse call cord, connect to the device, which integrates with the Quick Response Premiere Wireless Nurse Call Solution.

If weight is removed from the pad, or the call cord plunger is pressed, caregivers are notified instantly through an audible or silent alert at the alarm unit, and an alert at the central computer station.

Adjustable volume is a key feature of the CA630 solution. For example, if the volume is at the minimum setting, all alarms at the unit will be silent, helping reduce noise levels and alarm fatigue for a quieter community.

"One of our primary goals is to provide communities with solutions that contribute to a home-like environment," Michelle Dalton, marketing director for RF Technologies, said in a statement. "The silent alarm feature of the CA630 is just one more way we demonstrate our ability to provide a safety solution that doesn't interfere with resident care and community life."

In addition, calls for assistance can be routed to mobile phones, pagers or LED displays with the resident's location for immediate notification and a faster response. Software stores alarm data so staff can review response times, care times, and generate reports for the Joint Commission, families, and community management.

Rounding out the feature set is the option of cushioned bed and chair pads designed without fused seams or hard edges for extra comfort and safety. Multiple pad models are available, and all pads are latex-free, a company release noted.

Last month the company debuted its Code Alert Wandering Management Solution to protect residents in senior living communities. Residents at risk of elopement wear small, lightweight RFID transmitters that are designed to promote mobility and a home-like environment.

When a resident wearing a transmitter comes within range of a monitored exit, near-door antennas register the transmitter's presence and communicate with a door controller to secure the exit. A variety of banding options are available, including tamper-resistant, snap-closure banding in blue nylon or durable PVC plastic in gray, green or blue.