SAP Addresses Employee Management

SAP EPS is a set of self-service management and productivity tools to give employees access to information.

Honing in on the employee self service market, SAP AG announced today its Employee Productivity Suite at DCIs Employee Relationship Management Conference in New York.

SAP EPS is an integrated set of self-service management and productivity tools designed to increase employee access to information and business processes, said officials of the Walldorf, Germany, company.

The EPS suite provides businesses with a platform that enables collaboration between employees by helping them capture and share knowledge. The new suite draws on a number of existing mySAP modules, including mySAP Human Resources, Financials, CRM (customer relationship management), Business Intelligence and Enterprise Portal.

New technology is also incorporated into the suite. SAP is now offering a new level of transparency, which means the roles-based EPS enables employees in various positions to access the information most pertinent to them. Executives, for example, can use the suite to access a high-level view of the operations, while field service managers can use EPS to check service orders and manage requisitions.

SAP is expected to announce additional developments in employee-centric solutions at their upcoming Sapphire conference in Lisbon next week.