SAP Helps HR Streamline Recruiting

New software from SAP AG aims to help HR staff better identify qualified candidates.

SAP AG announced on Wednesday new Internet-based recruiting capabilities in its mySAP Human Resources suite.

The mySAP HR E-Recruiting tool comes with a number of new features within the talent warehouse, requisition management and posting management applications that enable users to streamline recruitment processes.

Overall the software helps human resource professionals to better identify qualified candidates and manage relationships with current and potential employees, said officials in Waldorf, Germany.

The basis for relationship management in the E-Recruiting suite is the talent warehouse, a central database of employees and external candidates that provides users with an overview and potential talent pool.

The warehouse can integrate external and internal recruitment into a standard platform.

Workflow-based tools help streamline requisition and job posting processes by enabling an automated flow of information and tasks.

How it works is an HR person generates requisitions that are sent to the respective managers for approval. If approval is granted, the system generates a job announcement that can be automatically distributed with the posting management functionality within E-Recruiting.

Along with mySAP HR, E-Recruiting can be integrated with analytic tools and financial tools as well.

E-Recruiting will be available in the second half of 2003.