SAP Taps Integration, CRM at Sapphire

At its Sapphire conference in Lisbon, SAP rolled out new integration, CRM offerings.

At the second day of its Sapphire user conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday, SAP AG announced new products and services.

Targeting integration, SAP announced a new software product, Collaborative Master Data Management [CMDM], designed to solve the challenges of data integration from multiple systems, physical locations and diverse vendors.

CMDM works by taking data from disparate sources and normalizing it. The data that has been harmonized is then able to support collaborative e-business transactions in heterogeneous IT landscapes.

CMDM is built on the mySAP Technology platform that houses the SAP application server, exchange platform and portal software.

Also on the integration front, SAP on Thursday announced a new Employee Productivity Cross Application, called xApps, and said it plans to ship the SAP xApp Resource and Program Management in December.

SAP debuted xApps, at the Sapphire Orlando conference earlier this summer, as horizontal applications that extract and integrate information from disparate systems, based on a business process, to create a single composite application.

With about 200 potential xApps in mind, SAP has so far developed about five. The newest application, Employee Productivity [xEP], provides employees with an environment for self-service as well as direct collaboration, with integrated business intelligence and knowledge management.

XEP ties together functionality from CRM [customer relationship management], financials, human resources, product life-cycle management or supplier relationship management applications.

The first xApp, xRPM, helps business managers and teams execute corporate strategies by providing control over a portfolio of projects, resources and program results, officials said.

On the customer-facing front, SAP launched a fully portal-based CRM package that provides users with access to all of SAPs e-business applications.

The new release uses SAPs portal technology to enable this access to business data in a role-specific context.

New functionality includes advanced workforce management for call centers, a new partner portal, enhanced analytics, mobile support and a commissions management tool.

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