SealedMedia Updates Enterprise DRM Tools

The content management software maker is touting improvements of its latest set of programs, along with a separate bundle of the applications designed for use in mergers and acquisitions.

SealedMedia introduced its latest enterprise digital rights management software package, promising simplified ease-of-use and improved ability to track and protect the flow of information throughout businesses.

The eDRM software provider is pitching the SealedMedia Version 5.0 revamp of its applications as far easier to install and manage than both earlier iterations and rivals products, allowing companies to better apply information distribution policies to their data.

The product also claims the ability for users to conduct detailed audits of their data access and distribution records to comply with federal regulations.

Along with an updated portal interface which allows for expanded remote administration of the tools, SealedMedia claims to have greatly reduced the process of integrating the system with other technologies.

Via partnerships with Adobe, Microsoft, and IBMs Lotus unit—companies that all have products promising to deliver some of the same capabilities as SealedMedia—the firm said it has been able to reduce the amount of time needed to introduce its package into enterprise messaging architectures.

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SealedMedia is also promising more targeted tools for addressing compliance regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, including the ability to segregate employee data access policies based on workers specific job responsibilities.

Other upgrades include the ability to support company-wide administration of data policies across multiple software platforms.

Enterprise DRM is one of the many approaches being promoted by various technology vendors as a way for companies to better handle how their workers share and interact with important data, for reasons ranging from compliance to information security.

SealedMedia is one of a few independent software makers looking to address the problem, along with a slew of other companies, such as enterprise content management specialists to network security applications vendors, that are attempting to build such tools into their existing products.

Having the ability to work independently across those companies products is what gives SealedMedia an advantage, said George Everhart, SealedMedias CEO.

"One of the biggest challenges facing the enterprise in how they manage all the different types of data they have is, how to do so with something across their applications in a common way, with common policies," said Everhart.

"Corporations dont want to have to make decisions about how they manage content policies based on what version of some type of software program they have; they want to do so uniformly."

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