Security Specialists, Network Engineers Top List of 'Hottest' IT Jobs

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Security Specialists, Network Engineers Top List of 'Hottest' IT Jobs

As the enterprise changes, so too will the jobs, according to a newly released study from IDC and Cisco, which examined nearly 2 million IT job postings to find the positions that both have longevity and can offer the best long-term growth opportunities. The study shows that security professionals and network engineers are in high demand and those who are staying ahead of the curve on increasingly important technologies such as the internet of things and machine learning have a leg up. The following slide show sheds light on the IT positions that will be most important in the future and how difficult it is to get those jobs. Check out this guide to the hottest IT jobs for those looking to enter the IT space or are looking for a change in the space.

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Security Management Specialist

Those looking for an IT position with the best job prospects should look no further than the security management specialist. According to the study, those positions are considered “very high” in importance and candidates have no difficulty getting a job. Best of all, there’s a high probability of long-term growth, according to IDC and Cisco.

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Network Engineer

Network engineer is considered the second-hottest IT job. Their future importance is considered “high,” and it’s not difficult for candidates to get positions. That said, network engineers are the only position in this roundup that have low long-term growth potential.

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Cyber Information Security Engineer

Next up are cyber information security engineers. According to the IDC and Cisco study, their long-term growth potential is high and landing a job is not difficult. The companies also believe, based on their survey, that their future importance in the enterprise will be high.

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Internet of Things Engineer

Internet of things engineers are also viewed as highly important in the future enterprise and getting a position in the sought-after field isn’t considered difficult. Better yet, IDC and Cisco believe that their long-term growth potential is high.

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Business Intelligence Architect

Business intelligence architects have high long-term growth opportunities because business intelligence will be so important in the future enterprise. In fact, business intelligence architects are believed to be of “high importance” looking ahead. But unlike many of the other jobs in this roundup, landing a job as a business intelligence architect is “difficult,” according to the companies.

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Software Developer

Software developers have always been among the most sought-after specialties. According to IDC and Cisco, software developers will be very highly sought-after in the coming years and getting a job as a developer won’t be difficult. The companies cautioned, however, that software developers only have “moderate” long-term growth potential.

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Machine Learning Designer

Getting into the machine learning business is considered “not difficult,” due in large part to the position’s “high” importance to the future of corporate activities. Best of all, IDC and Cisco revealed that the long-term growth potential of machine learning designers is “very high,” putting it ahead of all other positions in that metric.

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Data Engineer

Data engineers are in the second tier of positions, falling within the “medium” importance level for the future of business. However, the long-term growth opportunities for the position are high. Be aware, however, that data engineering positions are highly competitive and getting a position can be “difficult.”

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Transformation Consultant

A transformation consultant will be of medium importance to future businesses and getting a position in that career shouldn’t be difficult. But those looking for opportunities in the future should be aware that the position only carries “moderate” chances of long-term growth.

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Business Intelligence Analyst

Looking ahead, IDC and Cisco believe that business intelligence analysts will be of middling importance to companies. However, the jobs will not be difficult to get, according to the report, and its long-term growth potential will be high.

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