Seeker Isnt for Savvy Searchers

Do you find the Web difficult and complex to use?

Do you find the Web difficult and complex to use? Do you often think that its too hard to find simple, everyday information? Neither do I.

But for those who do find the Web too complex, and who would rather be limited to a few preordained options, theres Seeker 0.7.

Seeker, from Launch Dynamic Software, is a simple Internet utility whose main goal is to be a Windows equivalent to the Mac OS-based Watson utility.

However, Seeker lacks Watsons wide range of application choices, and it provides even fewer configuration options than Watson does. If you dont like the way a Seeker application is set up, too bad.

Instead of running as a browser shell, Seeker runs as a separate application. From Seeker, users can do simple searches; check stocks, weather and movie times; and shop at Probably the most interesting application in Seeker is a simple tool for sending text messages to cell phones.

The shareware seeker is available for $25 and can be found at a number of download sites and at