Should You Consult While Looking for an IT Job?

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Should You Consult While Looking for an IT Job?

by Don E. Sears

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Question No. 1: Flexibility

Does it still give me time to be flexible in my job search?

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Question No. 2: New Marketable Skills

Would I learn anything new that I can use to showcase my skills and experience?

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Question No. 3: Brand Association

Does the firm have cachet in the marketplace? Would it give me brand recognition by affiliating with the project?

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Question No. 4: Build That Network

Am I going to be around great people with whom to network?

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Question No. 5: Road Warrior?

Is it geographically reasonable? If it requires you to be on the road more than a few days every week, your job search will falter.

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Question No. 6: Show Me the Money

Is the compensation worth your time?

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Question No. 7: Hold On to Your Customers

Can you protect your client list? Be sure that you are not being asked to give away your clients.

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Other Questions: Time Management

How many phone calls when you need to be a part of and how many events will you need to go to for the consulting position? Can you do some of that work during the day so you can fulfill your job-search goals?

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