StackPath Rolls Out Secure Edge Platform for Containers, VMs

Today’s topics include StackPath launching the world’s first secure edge platform, and new Iridium Next satellites boosting IoT performance.

Dallas-based StackPath, which invented the edge computing concept, has launched what it describes as the world’s first secure edge platform with StackPath Edge Computing for containers and virtual machines.

StackPath Edge Computing lets customers simply upload an image of their workload to the StackPath platform, choose a size of containers or virtual machines, and then select the advanced StackPath edge nodes in which the workload should be deployed. The workload is then deployed worldwide in as fast as 60 seconds.

StackPath users can deploy and manage their own workloads in any StackPath edge node worldwide. By leveraging more geographically diverse points of presence than centralized public clouds, Stackpath users can put applications and services closer than ever before to their end users, making the platform much more efficient for workloads that require near-immediate response times.

All 66 of the new Iridium Next constellation of satellites are now fully operational and are available globally. The new satellites with substantially improved capabilities are replacing the older Iridium satellites, which will be de-orbited in the coming months.

Those new capabilities include much better bandwidth than other low-Earth-orbit satellites; new features including Aireon, a global flight surveillance system; and support for a new smaller class of satellite transceivers aimed at internet of things and telemetry operations. With Aireon, the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 in March 2014 would not have happened.

In addition, Iridium is adding a variety of new types of satellite terminals, ranging from a WiFi hot spot called Iridium Go for smartphone texting and calling to Garmin’s inReach devices that provide satellite data connectivity.