Suns Kitty Hawk Helps SOAs Soar

Updated: Sun's new service-oriented architecture strategy aims to simplify the creation and management of SOAs-and its competitors are also making strides.

SAN FRANCISCO—Although Monday was the day of the Tiger at Sun Microsystems Inc.s JavaOne conference here, the company also introduced another animal, the Kitty Hawk—its new service-oriented architecture strategy.

Sun introduced its latest release of the Java platform, Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0, also known as Tiger, at the conference Monday, but it also introduced Kitty Hawk, which features Sun technology for implementing SOAs as well as a service doing SOA readiness assessments.

/zimages/6/28571.gifAnother "Tiger" made headlines Monday. Find out whats new with Apples Mac OS X.

John Loiacono, executive vice president of Suns Software Group, during the morning keynote address Monday said Sun will roll out the Project Kitty Hawk components in the Sun Java Enterprise System and Sun Java Studio Enterprise developer environment over the next two years, with initial deliveries beginning in the first half of next year.

The strategy is to simplify the creation of SOAs and to ease the tasks of administering, securing and provisioning services for SOA environments, the company said.

Part of the strategy includes a Sun Software Services Readiness Assessment. Sun will use portions of its Sun Appliance for Live Software Analysis, or SALSA, project to do the assessments, said John Crupi, a Sun distinguished engineer and chief architect at Sun Professional Services.

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