Tacit Updates Expertise Tool

Knowledge Management

Tacit knowledge systems inc. is giving businesses a new way to track down expertise within the enterprise.

The Palo Alto, Calif., companys KnowledgeMail Version 2.0 analyzes documents and e-mail to create private profiles of people within the organization, focusing on their expertise. Those profiles are searchable using e-mail, Web browsers, enterprise portals and Windows desktops.

The updated product—aimed at large, dispersed enterprises—improves scalability, performance and speed. It includes QuickStart, which pulls information from e-mail servers and publicly available file sources to create new and more detailed user profiles, and Active Search, which quickly finds users with publicly declared expertise. It helps find people who have pertinent information in their private files.

KnowledgeMail 2.0 is available now, with pricing starting at $50,000.