Talend Launches New Open-Source Enterprise Service Bus

Talend, a maker of open-source integration solutions, has launched the Talend ESB Standard Edition, an enterprise service bus based on Apache Camel.

Open-source integration software maker Talend has announced a new unified platform for data services, the Talend Enterprise Service bus.

Users of the new Talend ESB benefit from a unified platform with a common development, deployment and monitoring environment for both data management and application integration. The new Talend ESB Standard Edition is an open-source enterprise service bus that serves as a key component of the unified platform for data services. Talend also announced the latest version of its data integration, data quality and MDM (master data management) solutions, which now deliver an advanced set of data-oriented services when used in combination with Talend ESB.

Talend officials said the new unified platform provides a common environment for users to manage the entire lifecycle of a data service. It includes a graphical user interface for development, a deployment mechanism and runtime environment for operations and a monitoring console for management-all built on top of a shared metadata repository, the company said. By offering a common toolset for both data and application integration needs, the unified platform shortens the time to deployment for integration solutions by eliminating the need to learn multiple tools and environments, Talend officials added.

"The role and impact of integration has shifted due in large part to major trends such as cloud and managing massive data sets," Fabrice Bonan, co-founder and chief operating officer at Talend, said in a statement. "As a result, a more comprehensive and managed approach to integration is required and the tools that support enterprise integration need to be usable by more types of workers. This democratization of IT is rapidly progressing into the traditionally complex and isolated worlds of application and data integration. Through the Talend unified platform, customers will be able to benefit from a flexible and open architecture that will allow them to rapidly take advantage of more applications and data resources than ever before."

Talend officials said the company continues to democratize the integration market by making the ESB more affordable, accessible and easier to use with the addition of Talend's ESB Standard Edition. A core component of the unified platform for data services, Talend ESB includes messaging, Web services, mediation and adapters in an open and standards-based offering used to integrate distributed systems across functional, enterprise and geographic boundaries.

The Talend ESB is powered by leading Apache open-source integration projects such as Apache CXF, Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ. It is a versatile and flexible ESB that enables organizations to address most any integration challenge, from simple departmental projects to complex, heterogeneous IT environments.

The release of Talend ESB Standard Edition includes a service locator, service activity monitoring and a security token service framework. The new release of the Talend data management products include new XML data mapping and transformation capabilities, dedicated components to integrate Talend ESB, and direct generation of Talend Jobs inside Talend ESB from within the OSGi container. With these new features, Talend's Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management solutions, when used in combination with Talend ESB through the unified platform, provide data-integration services, data-quality services and master data services.

"Organizations have been struggling for years to keep pace with an ever-increasing amount of systems that must be integrated, an issue being even more exacerbated by the need of synchronizing -on premises' and -in the cloud' resources," said Massimo Pezzini, vice president at Gartner. "Enterprises adopting a holistic approach to application and data integration are best positioned to successfully respond to these challenges."

With this announcement, Talend offers a unified platform for data services, making it easier to synchronize data between operational applications and across enterprise boundaries. Talend's data services free data management processes that are traditionally bound to specific applications by abstracting them as standards-based services that can be reused by other applications, the company said. The reuse of data services across multiple applications maximizes the value of initial investments in standalone data integration solutions.

Talend ESB Standard Edition, Talend Open Studio, Talend Open Profiler and Talend MDM Community Edition are available immediately. Provided under open-source licenses, they can be downloaded freely from Talend's Web site at http://www.talend.com/download.php. Commercial editions are also available through Talend's sales and distribution channels.