Tallwave Health IT Startup Competition Selects 11 Participants

The Tallwave Commercialization Fund provides $450,000 in services and cash to select participants who advance through the six-month program.

Startup development specialist Tallwave announced the kick-off of its High Tide for Healthcare IT startup competition and innovation search, where from a pool of more than 110 applicants from across the country, 11 consumer and B2B health-care entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt health care were selected.

The Tallwave Commercialization Fund provides $450,000 in services and cash to select participants who advance through the six-month program. These entrepreneurs and their startups proceed through validation, acceleration and commercialization bootcamps, move-the-needle competitions and local, regional and national investor pitches in "pass/fail" scenarios.

Tallwave High Tide for Healthcare IT Program Participants include Dental Cloud 9, which integrates with existing medical software and fills gaps to offer a dental practice management solution for desktop, tablet and mobile, and ErrorTec, which provides a telemedicine solution for medication administration using near field communication that eliminates errors, monitors patient vitals and communicates with the patient's physician.

"Synchronizing our health care vertical High Tide program with industry advisers and supporters of health care IT innovation and job creation was a natural fit," Donna Kent, senior vice president of venture development for Tallwave, said in a statement. "Tallwave's High Tide for Healthcare IT program has built a smart-and-targeted network with partners and investors whose interests are specifically focused in development of early stage health care IT companies. This program is our way of showcasing entrepreneurs in a critical industry during a time of year when global entrepreneurship is center stage."

Other selected participants include Triage Now, which provides telemedicine support for employers to appropriately triage workplace injuries, prevent over-treatment and speed up creation and filing of compliance paperwork, and Performance 3D, which provides 3D motion capture and analysis technology that improves fitness performance and reduces the risk of injury.

"I was truly impressed with the caliber of all the applicants, representing healthcare entrepreneurs from throughout North America," John Julian, CEO of Nextcare and Tallwave High Tide for Healthcare IT adviser, said in a statement. "Not only are they all innovative, they have convincingly demonstrated viable business models that can be validated and accelerated through Tallwave's High Tide program."

Willowglade Technologies, another participant, provides a personalized patient experience for cancer patients and their families, caregivers and friends by integrating all aspects of treatment into a mobile app, while Health Options Worldwide uses behavioral psychology to increase employee engagement with health plans and reduce reactive care spend.

Since first announcing its High Tide for Healthcare IT program, Tallwave has been in discussions with global health care brands such as Mayo Clinic, Humana and Phoenix Children's Hospital, and dedicated health care businesses inside companies such as Citibank, GE and IBM.