Techmeme Launches Job Listings Board

IT job seekers can now search jobs listings from Microsoft and others alongside news at Website Techmeme.

Technology news aggregation site Techmeme has expanded to offer its audience job listings as the tech industry ramps back up, adding a "Who's Hiring in Tech?" column on the right hand side of the front page of the site. The company's founder, Gabe Rivera, also wrote a cheeky blog post explaining Techmeme's decision to launch the feature.

Some of the companies included on the site's front page include technology powerhouses Microsoft, Google and HP, as well as social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Amazon, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Meebo are also among the listings.

The company links, which are listed alongside custom taglines (Twitter's is "Less characters; more fulfilling"), take users to the employment and careers pages of their respective Websites. "We expect that Techmeme readers who are inclined to upgrade their jobs, or ready to embark on a career in tech, will take this jobs section as an extra nudge to explore options available at the featured companies, and a reminder that all of the great companies listed are aggressively hiring," wrote Rivera.

According to employment numbers released earlier this year by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), five bellwether IT job segments in BLS data had a net gain of 74,200 jobs in the last 12 months. Leading all segments in gains were management and technical consulting services and computer systems design and related services segments, which together accounted for nearly 95 percent of all new jobs created.

As the IT jobs sector rebounds, talent poaching is expected to get more aggressive this year, according to a recent study by IT job search specialist Dice. More than half (54 percent) of hiring managers and recruiters anticipate that tech talent poaching will increase, while just 3 percent of respondents expect it to let up. That expectation is amplified when looking at hiring managers working in the technology or consulting industries. In those markets, 62 percent of those surveyed said talent skirmishes would get more aggressive, against 1 percent in the less aggressive camp.

Based on the number of jobs posted by ZIP code on Dice as of March 1, the New York/New Jersey area led the top technology metro areas list, with 8,714 listings, a 24 percent rise from a year ago. The Washington, D.C., and Baltimore combined metro area followed, with 8,161 listings, up 25 percent from 2010. Silicon Valley placed third with just over 5,000 listings, up 41 percent from last year, and Chicago and Los Angeles rounded out the Top 5, with 3,275 listings and 2,899 listings, respectively.