Telelogic Eases Configuration Management

Telelogic AB, a Swedish software tools maker with U.S. operations, will announce a new configuration management tool today.

Telelogic will unveil ActiveCM, an automated and transparent configuration management solution the company says outperforms passive configuration management solutions that require a lot of user intervention.

ActiveCM automates routine configuration management tasks such as changing, renaming and creating new files, requiring no user intervention, the company said.

Ingemar Ljungdahl, chief technology officer of Telelogic, said most users—primarily software developers—could begin using Telelogic Synergy with Active CM within 30 minutes after installing the product.

The product works with any integrated development environment or build tools, Telelogic said.

Ljungdahl said Telelogic is in the process of patenting its ActiveCM technology.

Telelogic is based in Malmo, Sweden, with U.S. operations in Irvine, Calif. The company makes tools that support the entire software development lifecycle.