The Centralized Storage Management Race is On - Page 2

What needs to be done?

First on the list should be tight application integration. New and old applications need to be able to communicate and share date easily.

Once management data is shared, these applications need to be able to work together to solve problems.

Storage management with todays DAS, NAS and SAN systems is extremely difficult because of the vast numbers of products out there and the fact that each of these products tends to have its own management interface.

It may sound really superficial, but I think a standardized UI should be a goal of all of these vendors. I like the fact that theyre making management tools available to their clients, but dumping a bunch of new tools in the laps of overworked IT managers (none of whom really want to learn yet another interface) is bound to fail.

Fujitsu Softec, for example, used to simply repackage and resell DataCore Softwares SANsymphony storage virtualization package, but when Fujitsu made a commitment to redevelop the UI to match its other products, it increased the overall usability of the package.

Just because the technology comes from various parts, that doesnt mean the final product should be allowed to look like Frankensteins Monster.

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