The Top 10 Gizmos and Gadgets at IFA

eWEEK's Eric Lundquist recently attended the IFA conference in Germany and offers his personal list of the 10 most interesting gadgets, gizmos and PCs that emerged from this year's show.

This is my list, not based on anything more than my guess:

1. Samsung Ultra-thin Notebook X420. This is the shape (and weight) of Windows 7 notebooks to come. Here's the Crave report.

2. LG Borderless TVs. Pretty cool, Think of a big screen, flat panel with no border. It looks like a single pane of glass you can hang on your wall. Here's the Reg coverage which includes a debate on exactly what borderless means.

3. Dyson handheld super sucker vacuum cleaner. IFA has appliance gadgets as well as techno toys. Dyson, which continues in its goal to suck up the world's dirt, had a handheld model on display and lots of talk about its new motor. Here is the Telegraph story from earlier this year:. Here's Miss IFA (Yes, there is one with the Dyson gizmo).

4. Showstoppers had their second IFA event at the show this year. Good turnout, good food and a couple of interesting products including the Wi-Ex, which is selling its cell signal booster in Europe after selling 100K units in the United States.

5. 3-D. Sony, Panasonic and nearly everyone else was talking 3-D. Sony brought over its boss for the rollout. Here is the Twice story.

6. The Amici Good News coffee machine was only one of what seemed hundreds of new ways to brew coffee. This one has a radio and smile for grumpy mornings.

7. Lots of digital cameras were shown for the first or nearly the first time. The panorama modes are cool. Here is a Gadgetell article on the new Sony.

8. Toshiba JournE touch. Another try at a tablet PC with touch. I'm thinking most people will continue to diss the tablet until Apple enters the game and then it will be the coolest thing ever. Here's the U.K. Mirror story.

9. Optimism. Can optimism really be a gadget? Well, if you aren't optimistic, you will never spend the money to build a new gadget. The IFA was an upbeat show in a downbeat year.

10. Philips' (very) personal products. Yikes, can a big company CEO really get up in front of a keynote crowd and talk about a very personal -- dare I say sensual -- line of electronic products? Yes. Here's the lineup from Philips.