The Wearing of the IT Green

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The Wearing of the IT Green

Next week, Intel will begin shipping a new lineup of low-power quad-core Xeon processors. The new chips will consume just 50-watts each, a 35 to 60 percent reduction from Intels existing 80W and 120W quad-core server processors. AMD's quad-core competito

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The Wearing of the IT Green - VIA Slims Down PCs

This week, VIA Techologies showcased its family of clean computing products at the Green California Summit and Exposition in Sacramento, Calif. VIA touted its small form factor motherboards, thin clients, ultra mobile devices and Carbon Free low-power x86

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The Wearing of the IT Green - HP's Efficient Desktops

Earlier this week, Hewlett-Packard announced that its business desktop PCs already meet the Environmental Protection Agencys Energy Star 4.0 requirements. HP claims its dc5700, dc5750 and dc7700 desktop systems can reduce power consumption by up to 52 pe

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The Wearing of the IT Green - DC Power to the Data Center

Last month, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Rackable Systems a patent for its AC-to-DC power conversion and distribution technology for data center cabinets and servers. According to Rackable officials, redundant DC power distributio

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The Wearing of the IT Green - A More Efficient Data Center

The Green Grid is a non-profit consortium of IT companies committed to 'advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems.' Members of the board members include AMD, APC, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Rackable Systems, SprayCool,

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The Wearing of the IT Green - Virtualization

Another way to streamline data center resource consumption is through virtualization. Solutions like VMwares can consolidate a mob of sprawling servers into just a few machines, reducing floor space, cooling and power requirements.

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The Wearing of the IT Green - e-Waste Management

Recycling old and unwanted IT hardware--such as computers, monitors and printers--reclaims steel, glass, aluminum and plastic that would have otherwise gone on to take up landfill space. Proper disposal of electronic waste also keeps heavy metals such as

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The Wearing of the IT Green - Environment-Friendly Packaging

Mounting heaps of old fashioned waste is still a growing problem. HP pledged last month to reduce the size and weight of packaging for its printer cartridges and use more recycled and recyclable materials. It estimates the new packaging will trim greenhou

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