Top Technologies of 2003

Spam slamming and patch management topped the Labs' list of compelling technologies of 2003.

Anti-Spam Software and Services
As junk e-mail reached epidemic proportions this year, spam blockers rushed in to rescue ailing e-mail in-boxes.

Centralized Patch Management
Patches were the bane of IT managers existence this year, and many have turned or are turning to centralized patch management to ease the burden (if not their ire over having to patch in the first place).

AMD 64
Advanced Micro Devices Opteron and Athlon 64 chips gave enterprise buyers a ticket to ride on a 64-bit address space while letting them carry on their paid-for portfolios of x86 code and skills.

The wireless LAN industry took major steps forward this year, with 802.11g providing increased bandwidth and backward compatibility and Wi-Fi Protected Access offering wireless security that administrators could start to trust.