Tracking Down Online IP Infringement

GenuOne is set to ship Version 3.0 of GenuNet to help companies find intellectual property infringement instances at online trading sites.

For countless companies the Internet is a great place to sell and market their products. Unfortunately, its also a great place for others to sell unauthorized versions of their products at cheap rates, or spread misinformation about their companies.

To help combat against such activity, GenuOne Inc. will release next week updated software that enables companies to identify and track the unauthorized sale of their products on eBay and other online trading sites and B2B trading boards.

The software, called GenuNet 3.0, can also help find instances where counterfeit versions of products are being sold, where intellectual property (such as a brand name) are being infringed, or where reseller contracts arent being lived up to, according to GenuOne officials.

The new Online Channel Protection component in GenuNet 3.0 enables companies to profile seller activity to flag suspicious activity. This component also provides the capability to compile product information, such as pricing, from e-commerce Web sites to help companies look for counterfeit or gray-market goods, GenuOne officials said.

The GenuNet upgrade also has back-end process improvements, including new algorithms removing of false positives, speed enhancements, and more robust workflow management tools.

Boston-based GenuOne also will announce an agreement with eBay that will provide customers with advanced search and filtering capabilities for scouring the eBay Web site for brand infringements and email alerts when issues arise. GenuOne will also provide the capability to generate letters warning senders of their potentially illegal activities.

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