Video Resumes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The concept is new and so far the results are mixed.

YouTube has made video communications over the Internet an all but ubiquitous experience for most Internet surfers, and the latest use —the video resume—has lured creative job seekers, particularly those searching for IT jobs, with mixed results.

To help,, a career information site, launched its Video Resume Makeover Contest to help five winners make a successful splash in their job search and guide the rest of the pack as well.

"In this new area of video resumes, folks are unsure of what makes a good video resume and we want to use this contest as a way to suggest guidelines," said Mark Oldman, co-founder of, adding that the company has done contests in the past to highlight the best efforts of entrants. "We decided it was time to do a makeover."

Today, while some have yet to see the trend at all, most employers are open to receiving video resumes from enterprising early adopters of the technology, according to Oldman. And, video resumes may provide an opportunity to stand out in a challenging employment environment. At any given time, nearly one quarter of people who are of working age are not employed, according to the Office of National Statistics.


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"We think its the end of the first inning in a long game for video resumes," said Oldman. "The concept is out there and some applicants are starting to create a video resume. Slowly, career professionals and experts are starting to embrace the idea and we know that a powerful video resume with impact will give you an advantage."

Applicants for Vaults Video Resume Makeover Contest must submit a paper-based resume along with a short video clip or essay that describes why they need a makeover by October 15, 2007. Submissions may be sent to In the first two weeks, the company has received over 70 applications and expects to have between 100 and 200 by the close of the contest.

Entries will be judged by a team of Vault employees who will be looking for those individuals who need the most help and who are most creative in their presentation of their need, the company said.

The winners will receive a complete makeover, including the creation of a video resume, with tips on what to say and what to wear, visuals, lighting and sound from Vault studio; a revision of their paper resume by editors; career counseling from; and a full personal makeover from New Yorks Edris Salon.


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