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Virtual Instruments?? VirtualWisdom provides comprehensive, real-time instrumentation and measurement capabilities that enable IT managers to optimize the performance and availability of their virtualized IT infrastructure. VirtualWisdom adds SAN I/O intelligence to VMware environments, enabling administrators to better balance the deployment of virtual machines based on real-time measurements of I/O performance.According to company officials, deployment of VirtualWisdom results in significantly higher virtual infrastructure utilization and significantly lower capital and operational costs associated with an IT organization??s systems and storage

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Schooner Data Access Appliances

Schooner Information Technology??s Data Access Appliances are designed for information-intensive Web 2.0 and cloud computing data centers. These fully integrated, application-specific appliances incorporate leading-edge technology to deliver breakthrough performance and cost-effectiveness, according to company officials. Features include the Schooner Operating Environment, 512GB Schooner-optimized Intel X25-E flash memory, Intel Corei7 processors and high-speed, scalable interconnect technology.

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NCP Secure Enterprise Solution

Built from the ground up to provide complete network transparency and seamless interoperability with existing infrastructure, the NCP Secure Enterprise Solution combines both SSL and IPSec management with strong policy enforcement.??í End users can connect from any device to the network through a secure VPN tunnel with one click, regardless of if they are on a WLAN, LAN or cellular network. Each component (the NCP Secure Enterprise Management System, NCP Secure Enterprise Server and NCP Secure EnterpriseClient) integrates fully with all Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, SonicWall and other major vendor equipment, preserving existing technology investments for customers.

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Endeca Information Access Platform

The Endeca Information Access Platform is an enterprise solution for building standards-based search applications. The new platform is built for rapid development and maintenance of search applications that offer the highly interactive Endeca Guided Navigation user experience across the full range of structured and unstructured enterprise data. The new platform adds more than 100 features, including a redesigned

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Metastorm Integration Manager Version 8.5

Metastorm??s Metastorm Integration Manager Version 8.5 provides enterprises with the ability to enable complex system-to-system integration, process management and managed file transfer. Version 8.5 includes a new self-service Web-based interface; increased platform and Web services support; and enhanced compliance, security, governance and data management capabilities.

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VIP Access for Mobile

VeriSign??s VIP Access for Mobile is a free application available in the Apple App Store that allows iPhone users to protect their online identities, financial assets and data privacy.??íThe application turns the iPhone into??ía??ídynamic VIP one-time password??ícredential that can be used in??íconjunction with a traditional user name and password to??ístrengthen the security of online accounts as a second factor of authentication.??íWith the new credential, iPhone users??ícan employ strong authentication at the more than 40 Websites that make up the VeriSign VIP Network, including PayPal, Geico and AOL.

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Modeler 1.0

VKernel??s Modeler 1.0 enables organizations to quickly simulate and validate hundreds of real-world what-if virtualization scenarios in an interactive sandbox before going live in a production environment. Common use cases for Modeler include determining what will happen when a host is suspended for maintenance or a virtual machine is powered down, pretesting VMotion scenarios to make sure sufficient resources exist, and gauging the effect on resource capacity of adding a new host/virtual machine or removing existing

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PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition

PGP Whole Disk Encryption Workgroup Edition is an easy-to-manage full-disk encryption solution specifically designed for small businesses and workgroup environments that need to protect data from theft and loss, as well as adhere to compliance mandates.

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Fortify 360 Version 2

Fortify??s Fortify 360 Version 2 combines static and dynamic code analysis with real-time monitoring to assess and remediate vulnerabilities in enterprise software. The suite provides an environment in which developers and security teams can work together on software security assurance projects. The latest version adds an SSA (Software Security Assurance) Governance module, a Web-based platform for cataloging enterprise applications, assigning specific risk profiles and consistently applying security policies to all enterprise

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Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010

Permabit??s Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010 leverages highly efficient Intel processor and Seagate drive technology to cost-effectively and securely store fixed and inactive information for long-term data storage. By leveraging this value tier of storage, data can be offloaded from expensive primary storage yet still have online accessibility. This new platform delivers an effective cost of less than $1 per gigabyte, according to the company. The Permabit Enterprise Archive includes data deduplication, data protection, high availability, WORM and snapshot capabilities.

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Secure Enterprise Management System 2.02

The NCP Secure Enterprise Management System eases VPN management by connecting to and optimizing IPSec and SSL components while maintaining strong policy enforcement and rule-set creation. The flexible software solution features improved activity log viewing, the extension of multicompany applications, and the ability to import user data via standardized interfaces from existing directory services and identity and access management

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Netspoke Web Conferencing

Netspoke Web Conferencing from Premiere Global Services is an integrated audio and Web conferencing tool that lets colleagues participate in interactive, Web-based meetings and training sessions, share applications and Webcam videos, and record synchronized presentations for later playback.Consumers log in to Netspoke through a dedicated URL, and use their Netspoke Hub control center to schedule, manage, conduct and review online meetings.Netspoke provides for audience polling, live Q&A and online chat.

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Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite for iPhone 1.2.0

The $19.99 Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite for iPhone 1.2.0 allows users to view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files on their iPhone devices, and provides file-sharing and content management capabilities.

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Envista 2009

Envista 2009, Web-based infrastructure project coordination software, supports the renewal efforts of municipalities, counties, highway agencies and utilities. A new feature lets users designate time-sensitive projects as ??shovel-ready?? and enables project stakeholders to coordinate critical schedules. Envista??s latest product release also includes custom overlays, automated e-mail notifications, and GIS file import and export.

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SkillPort 7.0

SkillSoft??s SkillPort 7.0 provides organizations with a hosted LMS (learning management system) platform that enables greater flexibility in organizing courses and content, as well as enhanced search and workflow capabilities.The upgrade makes it easier for users to manage personalized learning plans and review their progress, as well as to search for relevant information.For the administrator, SkillPort 7.0 simplifies the management of everyday tasks through redesigned menus that consolidate functions and reduce the steps needed to manage users, assignments and

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Inovis Social Network

The Inovis Social Network applies the concepts of Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo and so on to business communications. Targeted at supply chain collaboration needs, the Inovis Social Network creates virtual communities for hubs and suppliers to communicate and exchange organization and contact information more effectively and in real

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BladeSystem Matrix

HP??s BladeSystem Matrix is a cloud infrastructure in a box that brings the economics, scalability and response times of the cloud to diverse applications across the data center. The system combines disaster recovery, capacity planning, automated provisioning and a self-service portal into one command center. According to the company, with Matrix you get a wire-once infrastructure that joins network, storage and compute systems to help organizations accelerate complex IT projects, simplify daily tasks and continuously lower costs across the data center.

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NetQoS Performance Center 5.0

Version 5.0 of the NetQoS Performance Center includes three main additions:The Application Performance Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of response times per application and site across an organization; the NetQoS Performance Center shows performance and traditional availability events all in one screen; and the NetQ oS Connector for Microsoft Excel helps customers quickly build custom reports in Excel using data from multiple NetQoS Performance Center product

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