Vulnerability Flagged in Adobe Reader for Unix, Linux

Adobe recommends upgrading for some users of Version 5 to prevent the remote execution of malicious code.

Adobe Systems on Tuesday warned users of its Adobe Reader 5.0 for Linux and Unix that a security vulnerability could leave their systems open to remote hijacking.

The buffer overflow vulnerability is present in Versions 5.0.9 or 5.0.10 for Linux, Solaris, IBM-AIX and HP-UX, according to the companys security alert. The Denmark-based security analyst company Secunia rated the flaw as "highly critical," and Adobe advised users to upgrade to more recent versions of Reader.

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The Adobe Systems Inc. advisory said the vulnerability could cause a buffer overflow that would enable the remote execution of arbitrary code if the user were to open a PDF document attached to e-mail or accessed via a Web link.

Adobe advises users of earlier versions to download and install Adobe Reader 7.0.

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