Wanted: Cisco Certified Engineers

Government contractor Wam!net looking to hire 500 Cisco-certified engineers by year's end.

Cisco certified engineers are still in demand by at least one government contractor—that is, if theyve got security clearance or qualify for clearance.

Wam!net Government Services Inc., a provider of secure network, storage and hosted application and infrastructure services that caters to the government, is looking to more than triple its staff for the second year in a row, said officials of the company, headquartered in Eagan, Minn.

The company is looking to hire 500 Cisco-certified engineers by years end. Of those, 420 will work on the Navy Marine Corp Intranet. Congress has authorized the Navy to increase the number of intranet seats from 60,000 to 310,000 seats on the 400-seat IP network. Wam!net is designing, building and managing the network as a subcontractor to EDS on the $6.9 billion project.

Another 80 will be hired to work on other projects in the federal market. Applicants must have security clearance or be eligible to receive it.

Wam!net is hiring, on average, 80 people per month and has hired about 242 people so far. Salaries range from $40,000 to $100,000, depending on job description. The company is looking to hire 75 people in the Washington area (Norfolk/Hampton Roads), 30 in Florida, 40 in the San Diego area, and 40 in Hawaii.

The company is eyeing veterans in particular. It has placed ads in Army Times publications, including Army Times, Marine Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times and Decision Times (a supplement for separating military personnel). Of the 215 persons hired to date, about 10 percent have been ex-military personnel.

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