Web Site Design Tool Doesnt Impress

eWEEK Labs finds Straight2web's interface to be unintuitive and poorly designed.

Engineering Adventures Straight2web 2.02 is a Web site creation and design tool that has more in common with form-based content management systems than it does with traditional WYSIWYG authoring tools.

To create a site with Straight2web 2.02, released last month, users follow a step-by-step process to design a site layout and pages, add content, and publish the site. However, there were several interface problems where buttons to delete menus failed to work, and while I could move items up in menu listings, I couldnt move them down.

In general, I found the interface to be unintuitive and poorly designed. Companies that like the template approach to site creation should look at open-source portal products. Those looking for a basic Web-authoring tool that provides company control over where content can be added should look at Macromedias Contribute.

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Straight2web is priced at $175 for a single-user license or $435 for a multiuser business license. A free noncommercial trial version can be downloaded at www.straight2web.co.uk.

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