WebSideStory, Coremetrics Raise Web Analysis Stakes

The two rivals announced new Web site analysis services that promise enterprises more granular, detailed analysis of their online business operations.

Longtime rivals WebSideStory Inc. and Coremetrics Inc. announced new Web site analysis services Monday, promising enterprises more granular, detailed analysis of their online business operations.

WebSideStory renamed its flagship HitBox Web analysis service HBX, merging the former HitBox Enterprise and HitBox Commerce services into one, while releasing the 10th version of the service, designed to mine data collected in real time to the individual browser session.

Coremetrics, meanwhile, announced its Online Analytics 2004 platform, with a number of new features designed to zero in on the performance of companies online marketing efforts.

New features in HBX include support for customizable dashboards, including graphical key performance indicators that enable users to chart their site performance against corporate goals. This version also supports page and content affinity reporting that enables users to establish relationships between two or more Web pages or content groups.

In addition, HBX offers reporting of visitors use of site searches, testing of content design or placement changes on visitor behavior—known as A/B reports—and support for event sequences, which allows users to query visitors navigational paths for different criteria such as referring source and sequence of pages visited, according to WebSideStory officials in San Diego.

Pricing for the HBX service starts at $15,000 per year, scaling upward based on the number of page views.

Coremetrics new Online Analytics 2004 platform offers many similar capabilities, also from a hosted service model.

The Burlingame, Calif., companys new TrueMeasure technology is designed to measure the success of customer acquisition tactics by determining the acquisition source of online sales.

The new "Zoom" technology allows users to examine and analyze the performance of any online marketing element designed to drive traffic to the site. Similarly, the new Marketing Management Center (MMC) provides a new executive dashboard interface for grouping marketing programs by channels such as paid search, e-mail, affiliate, shopping site and natural search. The dashboard breaks down online revenue by the marketing sources responsible for generating that revenue.

The new LiveView technology enables users to do real-time analysis of Web pages and links while browsing the pages theyre analyzing. The On-Site Promotions technology tests the effectiveness and conversion rates of all intrasite promotions, coupons and advertisements. Measurement begins as soon as the promotion is deployed, company officials said.

The Coremetrics Real Estate Report, like the new A/B reports technology in HBX, measures the effects changing links, creatives and copy on a Web page will have on visitor behavior to help determine the most effective page design, officials said.

Online Analytics 2004 is expected to be available to customers in mid-April. Pricing starts at $3,000 per month.