What the World Would Look Like Without IT Professionals

1 - What the World Would Look Like Without IT Professionals
2 - Is the Internet Down?
3 - Higher Salaries
4 - Fish Tanks
5 - High-Tech Junk
6 - Pros vs. Cons
7 - Back to the Good Old Days
8 - Apocalypse Now
9 - Help Me?
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What the World Would Look Like Without IT Professionals

IT professionals now have a day each year that honors them. Here's a look at what life might look like if it were not for these unsung heroes of our businesses.

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Is the Internet Down?

POOF! Immediately after all the IT pros have vanished, someone would ask, "Is the Internet down?" And the answer would be, "Yes it is." But for the first time ever, the response would come without the snarky remarks from IT.

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Higher Salaries

As the need for technology support increases, IT salaries would finally reach acceptable levels, but no one would be around to accept.

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Fish Tanks

Without the support of IT, people would find creative ways to use dead/useless technology. TVs and monitors would be turned into fish tanks—very thin fish tanks.

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High-Tech Junk

USB memory sticks would become obsolete and would be repurposed to label plants in gardens. And iPhones would be used as coasters for drinks or positioned under furniture to protect the carpet.

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Pros vs. Cons

It seems pretty simple: A world without IT pros would be a world with only IT cons.

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Back to the Good Old Days

Like the TV series, "Life after People," things would be fine for a while, but pieces of infrastructure and technology would slowly begin to break. Suddenly, more things would go awry. With nobody around to diagnose or fix any technology issues, department groups would perish, company divisions would diminish and business would come to a screeching halt. When it's all said and done, people will … wait for it … actually grab the old pencils and paper out of dusty old file cabinets.

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Apocalypse Now

Pen and paper would be the only form of communication and data collecting. Large warehouses full of paper would serve as company databases, and people would have to use snail mail to communicate. Due to the large amount of wood needed to make the paper that would be required to keep up with the same level of data collecting we have today, forests would be completely leveled, leading to not enough carbon dioxide being turned into oxygen. Nations would be forced to move their masses into giant biodomes. When supplies eventually run short, battles over supplies would ensue. This would lead to a post-apocalyptic war where armies are sent into battle with swords and shields. In the end, mankind would cease to exist.

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Help Me?

Bueller? Bueller? Without IT pros, there would be an endless echo for help, but without any reply. Whole businesses would come to a grinding halt without the backbone of IT expertise. Email slow? Your laptop won't boot? Too bad. Without IT pros, there'll be no answers nor solutions.

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