WS-I Expands Membership

The Web services standards body is expected to announce a new category of membership and new organizational members.

BALTIMORE—The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) Tuesday is expected to announce a new category of membership and new organizational members of the standards consortium.

WS-I officials said the organization has created a new category of membership called associate members. New associate members include the Object Management Group (OMG), the Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGI) and the Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium (POSC), as well as the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). WS-I is scheduled to make the announcement at Gartner Inc.s Application Integration and Web Services Summit here.

Tom Glover, chairman of the WS-I board and IBM Corp.s program manager for Web services standards, said the new membership category will enable WS-I to have better interaction with other standards organizations that are working on Web services specifications. The new memberships will also increase cooperation and coordination between WS-I and other standards organizations.

"The fundamental significance is were going to start being able to more effectively work with these organizations," Glover said.

WS-I officials said the associate members get access to WS-I member Web sites and documentation, the ability to participate in technical working groups and meetings, access to working group information and use of the WS-I logo.

Glover said longer term, WS-I will seek greater interaction with the "upstream organizations," including more vertical market organizations, although "these relationships are going to take a little more time to come together."

Richard Soley, chairman and chief executive of the OMG, said the OMG has supported interoperability and reuse since its beginning and will support the promotion of Web services interoperability through WS-I.

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