Xara Offers a Variety of 3-D Basics

Xara3D 6 provides simple 3-D graphics manipulation at a low price point.

Im not a big fan of flashing, rotating or otherwise animated logos and graphics, but some companies want these kinds of three-dimensional graphics for their presentations, promotional materials and Web sites.

These types of capabilities are often included in high-end graphics tools such as those from Adobe and Macromedia. However, these tools may be too costly and complex for a business that wants to create, for example, only a 3-D animated version of its company logo.

For these businesses a good option might be Xara Groups Xara3D 6, which provides simple 3-D graphics manipulation at a low price point of $44.99.

Using Xara3D 6, which shipped last month, I easily created a wide variety of 3-D shapes and designs for text logos and other images. All my design options were reflected in real time, and the product provides a good amount of sample designs and textures.

Simple animations, such as light movement and rotations, were easy to apply, and our 3-D content could be output in a variety of formats.

For more information or to download a trial version, go to www.xara.com.


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