Zyrion Releases Predictive Analytics for Monitoring of IT Infrastructure

The Predictive Analytics Module allows automatic baselining and behavior learning of cloud and IT infrastructure.

Cloud and IT monitoring software solutions specialist Zyrion announced the release of the Traverse Predictive Analytics Module that learns the component behavior pattern of IT services and helps isolate the underlying problem for performance degradation within distributed, heterogeneous cloud infrastructures.

Last year the company launched the Data Capture and Processing Module for seamless monitoring of cloud technologies, followed by the release of its automation module in the last quarter of 2011. This third phase of Zyrion€™s platform evolution, Intelligent & Predictive Analytics, delivers features designed to reduce false alarms using predictive analytics in today€™s IT environments. Zyrion€™s Predictive Analytics Module allows automatic baselining and behavior learning of cloud and IT infrastructure based on historical data analytics. This behavioral analysis can be applied to all underlying components of an IT or business service, which creates a demand-based performance profile of an IT service.

The Traverse Analytical Module is designed to help IT administrators detect service issues that were traditionally masked because of static behavior models, and help isolate the IT service component whose current performance does not match the predictive behavior pattern. Specific features in Zyrion€™s predictive analytics module include behavioral pattern analysis, which automatically determines the behavior of any and all IT components by analyzing the performance metrics for time of day and day of week behavior over any given period of time.

Other features include flexible baselining based on behavioral pattern, which gives administrators the flexibility to adjust the calculated baseline behavior using any statistical calculations of mean, peak or 95th percentiles, and composite thresholds, which allows for creating composite service metrics for any IT service and modeling the behavior of the composite service container metric. Also included are service level agreements (SLAs) based on behavioral analytics. Zyrion Traverse€™s SLA module can now track SLA violations based on the behavioral patterns in addition to the traditional fixed threshold metrics.

€œThese predictive analytical features are designed to help IT organizations deal proactively with the dynamic nature of IT services in cloud and virtual IT environments,€ said Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion. €œUsing real-time data analytics based on historical patterns on our massively scalable, patented architecture allows large enterprises to reduce noise and false alarms, and have an immediate impact on lowering TCO for managing your IT infrastructure.€