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| pushes auto-updating address book

The Ad Advocate

Robin Webster's mission to revive Net advertising

Online Photo Shops Crop and Merge

Online photo companies are consolidating or adding new revenue streams to adapt to the soft advertising market and slower-than-expected demand for digital photo processing and online storage.

Buying Content Management

Microsoft's $36 million acquisition of NCompass Labs last week fills the gap in company's lineup.

Changes at Exodus Under Scrutiny

Data hosting pioneer Exodus Communications Inc. is at a crossroads and trying to go in two directions at once.

Sapient Corp.

Sapient has lost some of its luster in recent months, but the company remains a shining example of a well-run consulting firm.

Deloitte Consulting

During the heyday of internet consultancies, Deloitte Consulting-like many of the old-line professional- services firms-waited patiently in the wings to regain the spotlight.

Budgets Impact Education

Enterprise clients suffer from shifting strategies.

Operator No. 9: May 7, 2001

During a news conference at company headquarters last week, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, dressed in his trademark black turtleneck and jeans, said he wasn't going to take any jabs at Dell Computer head Michael Dell, who's been saying some unfavorable th

Fast Facts Matrix: May 7, 2001

Ariba, a provider of B2B e-commerce software and services, named Larry Mueller as its new CEO and said that he would be joining the board.

ASP Group Calls for Study of Trends

The ASP industry consortium is commissioning a global study of industry trends to measure change application service provider services, officials said.

Downward Spiral

It's true that a market downturn can have positive effects, weeding out the weak companies or those with bogus business plans.

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